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Key Characteristics of Water Removal vs. Water Damage Mitigation for Residential and Commercial Water Damage

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Finding a commercial water damage restoration service quickly after a water-related disaster can greatly reduce the cost of property destruction. It is important to invest in both water removal and water damage mitigation. These terms entail the proper cleaning and sanitation services homeowners must invest in before considering water damage restoration. Only a professional can employ the correct industrial-grade tools to clean up after a catastrophe.

What Is Water Extraction vs. Water Damage Mitigation?

After a flood or other disaster, homeowners must understand the difference between water removal vs. water damage mitigation and call in the professionals immediately. Time is of the essence— leaving stagnant water in your home for too long can damage the foundation, furniture, and interior decoration.

Keep reading to find out more about the difference between “water removal” vs. and “water damage mitigation” and why Fort Worth residents need both for residential or commercial water damage.

The difference between water removal vs. water damage mitigation lies in preventive action versus post-damage repair. 

Water Extraction

Water removal takes place after water damage occurs. With this process, professionals remove water from a home damaged by flooding before it can cause further damage.

When completing water removal, restoration companies use vacuums and pumps to remove excess water, infrared cameras to locate moisture in walls, and hygrometers to determine the severity of dampness present.

Water that's intruded into a home can carry dangerous bacteria, and even clean water brings in moisture that can warp and weaken a house, as well as encourage mold growth. Water removal removes the water and the dangers that come with it and thus is essential for any area impacted by flooding

Extraction is a temporary solution to a potentially dangerous problem. Even if water removal goes correctly, the property is likely to experience the same problem in the future if homeowners don’t also take preventive action.

Water Damage Mitigation

Water damage mitigation is, at its core, the process of improving a house's structure, installing gutters or downspouts, or installing sump pumps to prevent water from entering a home in the first place. This occurs in two phases: preventive action before a disaster, and the cleanup process after. 

In the first case, water damage mitigation is a method to help waterproof a property against another water-related catastrophe in the future. It can help homeowners avoid spending money on expensive repairs.

In the second case, water damage mitigation involves preparing a damaged space for restoration. During water damage mitigation, a restoration company uses several tools, such as air scrubbers, floor drying systems, and industrial-grade dehumidifiers, to dry and disinfect the affected property. Mitigation may also include the removal of unsalvageable construction materials such as insulation, drywall, flooring, along with other items necessary to property dry the structure.

Which Is Best for My Home or Business?

The simple answer is that both water damage mitigation and water removal are crucial to keep a home safe from flooding. Mitigation helps prevent water from entering a home in the first place, and helps prevent secondary damage after a water damage event. Water removal gets rid of any water that has managed to get in. Together, these measures fix water damage and prevent more from occurring.

Where Can I Find a Local Water Damage Cleaning Service?

If you need high-quality water removal and water damage mitigation services in Fort Worth, TX, check out SERVPRO of West Fort Worth. SERVPRO’s founders established the company in 1967, meaning they have over 50 years of experience in cleanup and restoration jobs.

SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified staff can easily clean up or restore residential and commercial water damage. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 for regular and emergency water damage services 24/7.

How to Plan for and Address Natural Disasters and Storm Damage

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Both tornadoes and hurricanes can cause severe damage to property. To plan for these destructive events, homeowners should have emergency supplies, a catastrophe plan, and a storm damage restoration company for the aftermath. Preparing for these events is integral to maintaining your family’s safety and minimizing the expected cost of restoring the property.

How to Plan for and Address Natural Disasters and Storm Damage

Tornadoes and hurricanes can cause extensive property damage. They have the power to topple trees and destroy belongings. Though homeowners can always hire storm damage restoration companies after a disaster, try to prepare as much as possible beforehand.

The most important CDC tip to keep families safe from storm damage is to create an emergency plan. Afterward, make sure to seek out wind or water damage restoration quickly. Keep reading to find out more about how to stay safe during natural disasters.

Before a hurricane or tornado hits, establish an emergency plan, which may include:

  •       Practicing tornado drills with children.
  •       Writing emergency phone numbers on paper.
  •       Preparing emergency supplies such as food, water, medicine, first aid tools, backup power sources, important documents, pet supplies, etc.
  •       If preparing for an evacuation, making sure the car has enough gas and pack an emergency auto kit.
  •       Staying updated about the status of the storm.

Learn the difference between a storm watch and a warning. A watch indicates that a hurricane or tornado may occur due to perceived climatological conditions. A warning means that meteorologists expect the storm to hit a certain area.

How to Act During a Natural Disaster

During a tornado, go to the lowest level of the house or apartment building and avoid rooms with windows. If the power goes out, bring flashlights with fresh batteries instead of candles.

During a hurricane, make sure there is no debris in the yard that the wind could blow toward the house. Block glass doors and windows with plywood in case they shatter. Finally, make sure to store drinking and bathing water.

After either type of natural disaster occurs, contact a residential or commercial cleaning service to help clear up debris and restore the property.

How to Clean Up After a Tornado or Hurricane

First, assess storm damage as soon as possible. Depending on the type of damage that has occurred, it could get worse if left for too long. For example, hurricane damage requires immediate water cleanup and possible mold removal.

Then, seek out emergency water restoration for both residential and commercial water damage as soon as the disaster ends. This will minimize costs and restore as much of the property as possible.

Find one of the mold remediation companies in the area and write down their contact information so you can be the first in line after a catastrophe.

If you need a disaster restoration company in Benbrook, TX, contact SERVPRO of West Fort Worth. SERVPRO is one of the best water, mold, and fire restoration companies available due to its high-quality customer care and dedication to the restoration process.

The founders of SERVPRO established the business in 1967 to address storm damage throughout the U.S. They have thus established efficient policies to ensure that post-storm restoration goes smoothly. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 for 24/7 storm damage restoration service, 365 days a year.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Your Emergency Readiness Plan

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth, a leading damage restoration company for the area, details the benefits of having an emergency readiness plan for homes and businesses. These fire and water damage restoration professionals also explain how to create a strategy utilizing their services.

What Is an Emergency Readiness Plan?

Disaster can strike a home or business at any time. While it is impossible to know about every unfortunate situation in advance, it is helpful to formulate an emergency readiness plan that includes damage restoration from emergency water restoration and fire restoration companies.

An emergency readiness plan includes preventative measures that help mitigate damage after a disaster. It makes it easier to save the property, personal and professional belongings, and the lives of building inhabitants and ensures that the property can be restored quickly.

Types of Disasters to Plan for

Many situations can threaten the structural integrity of a building and the safety of its inhabitants. For instance, an active shooter situation in a business or a strong earthquake near homes could lead to serious property damage. Other common disasters include:

  • Wildfires
  • Winter storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods

Having an emergency readiness plan for situations that are most likely to occur around a home or business makes it possible to reduce the damages and risks. The plan should include details about supplies kit essentials like flashlights, food, water, and first aid. It should also outline how building inhabitants can communicate, find shelter, and seek damage restoration services when the disaster ends.

How to Create a Readiness Plan

Developing an emergency readiness plan involves three steps:

  • Communicate with family or employees about how to respond to emergencies most likely to occur in the area
  • Identify roles everyone will play during a disaster
  • Practice particular elements of the readiness plan, like surprise evacuations

The disaster type will determine elements within the readiness plan. A household or business is more likely to need waterproof containers for documents and supplies during a flood or hurricane than in an earthquake.

Working with Damage Restoration Companies

Having a readiness plan is not only about staying safe during an emergency. It’s also about how to recover after a disaster occurs. Damage restoration companies can restore many homes, businesses, and belongings in several ways.

Water Damage Restoration

Water from plumbing, storms, floods, or rising lakes can cause extensive damage to buildings, furniture, and belongings. Water restoration companies use high-grade equipment for water cleanup and techniques to eliminate moisture from the building’s walls, flooring, upholstery, and other affected surfaces.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire restoration companies make buildings livable after a fire. They will skillfully remove smoke and soot residue and permanently deodorize the property. Smoke and soot contain dangerous particles that could cause severe health issues, so professional cleanup services are crucial after a fire.

Mold Remediation

Mold removal is a specialty of mold remediation companies. Not only will experienced technicians safely eliminate the physical presence of harmful mold. They will also bring mold growth to natural levels to prevent further issues.

Quality Damage Restoration from SERVPRO of West Fort Worth

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is one of the leading damage restoration companies serving Fort Worth, TX. The certified technicians help home and business owners recover from disasters of any size. The commercial cleaning service quickly responds to requests for everything from mold removal to residential and commercial water damage restoration.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 to schedule damage restoration services.  

4 Top Reasons Why Urgent Smoke, Odor, and Soot Removal Is Essential After Fire Damage

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The professionals at SERVPRO of West Fort Worth, one of Texas’s leading fire and water restoration companies, discuss the dangers of not seeking smoke, odor, and soot removal immediately following fire damage.

The Importance of Smoke, Odor, and Soot Removal

Fires can be devastating to a property, even if damage from the flames does not seem severe. People often assume they will need emergency water restoration due to residential or commercial water damage from fire fighting efforts. While the service may be necessary, it isn’t enough. 

Fire damage produces smoke, odors, and soot. They can create long-lasting problems unless the property receives prompt treatment from reputable fire restoration companies that offer smoke, odor, and soot removal. Without professional mitigation efforts, particles from soot and smoke could settle inside the building and its contents and possibly make them unsalvageable.

4 Reasons to Seek Professional Smoke, Odor, and Soot Removal

1. Dangers of Soot and Smoke

After a fire, most properties sustain damage from smoke and flames. Smoke and soot carry micro debris like carcinogens through the air that could lead to serious health issues, including cancers. The particles settle into flooring, upholstery, clothing, and any other surface affected by smoke.

Soot may be visible on the floor, walls, or ceiling following a fire. While it may seem like an easy cleanup, professional smoke, odor, and soot removal is the only way to ensure the room is safe to inhabit. Fire restoration companies can restore some items with soot and smoke damage to a like-new condition. Without treatment, the harmful particles can lead to serious health risks.

2. Problems with Odors after Fire Damage

Smoke from residential and commercial fires carries a foul scent that can easily spread throughout a building. The unpleasant odor can make the home or business inhabitable and penetrates soft and hard surfaces, including wooden structures, spaces behind walls, and plumbing.

Do-it-yourself deodorization efforts are not effective against smoke odors. However, professional restoration companies have the equipment necessary to deep-clean the affected areas and deodorize the building.

3. Allergy Triggers

People with smoke sensitivities will have difficulty being inside a building after a fire that has not had smoke, odor, and soot removal. Smoke contains many allergens, including dust and airborne pollutants, that can trigger pre-existing health conditions or cause new ones.

Fire damage restoration companies can thoroughly cleanse the air inside a home or office to improve indoor air quality.

4. Lingering Traces of Soot and Odor

Sometimes, property owners may temporarily deodorize their homes or commercial buildings after a fire. However, it’s not uncommon for the smell to return. It is best to receive professional deodorization services to neutralize foul odors permanently with a professional-grade chemical fog.

Fire Damage Restoration from SERVPRO of West Fort Worth

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth has been helping residents throughout the area restore their homes and businesses since 1967. As one of the top fire restoration companies serving Benbrook, TX, the highly trained team provides 24/7 emergency smoke, odor, and soot removal services, mold removal, water cleanup, and water damage restoration.

This residential and commercial cleaning service has the skills, equipment, and certified personnel to handle any disaster. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 to request service from one of the area’s best fire, water, and mold remediation companies.

Can Vinyl Planks Be Reinstalled After Water Damage?

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: As one of the best water and fire restoration companies serving Fort Worth and nearby communities, SERVPRO of West Fort Worth shares what can happen when vinyl planks get wet. The certified water damage restoration experts outline warning signs of water damage, treatment options, and mold prevention methods.

Can Water Damage Vinyl Planks?

Vinyl planks are a popular flooring material due to their water resistance. While a spill likely would not have a lasting effect on vinyl, prolonged exposure to water can cause considerable problems for property owners, including mold.

Water damage restoration after a flood is essential for preserving the integrity of vinyl plank flooring. However, the ability to reuse the material will depend on several factors.

How Water Damage Occurs in Vinyl Flooring

Though vinyl contains water-resistant properties on its surface, it is not impervious to moisture damage. However, a severe flood or prolonged exposure to moisture can cause water to seep under the planks through the joints that connect them or gaps between the wall and the floor. It is harder for water to penetrate a floating vinyl floor, but it isn’t impossible.

Water can also come from the subfloor or substrate. For example, moisture build-up in concrete can expose the planks to water from under their surface. A wood subfloor can retain moisture from a plumbing leak, flood, or crawl space humidity, which requires water damage restoration services.

Signs of Water Damage Under Vinyl Flooring


Because vinyl has water resistance, it is not easy to stain. Most fluids are simple to clean off the floor using a mop or clean rag. However, if the material develops discoloration or a tarnished appearance in one or more spots, the culprit could be moisture build-up under the planks.

Bubbles in the Planks

Sometimes, water damage in the substrate can cause vinyl planks to form bubbles or ripples along their surface. In severe cases, the damage is visible, but people are more likely to feel the bumps than see them.


Water damage often leads to mold, which only takes a day or two to grow into an unhealthy level.

Mold thrives in damp places, so if noticeable formations develop on vinyl flooring, the material is likely compromised. In that case, water damage restoration and mold removal from leading mold remediation companies are a must because the growths can:

  • Spread to other furniture, walls, personal belongings, and other surfaces
  • Cause structural damage to the home or business
  • Trigger health symptoms related to allergens.

Vinyl Planks and Water Damage Restoration

Working with emergency water restoration companies is essential for addressing moisture-damaged vinyl planks. These professionals have professional-grade equipment to dry out moisture, like dehumidifiers and vacuums. Restoration experts can reinstall undamaged vinyl planks after removing water from them and the subfloor.

Emergency Water Restoration Services from SERVPRO of West Fort Worth

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is one of the best water restoration and mold remediation companies in the area, serving Azle, TX, and the greater Fort Worth area. The team of certified restoration professionals is available 24/7 to handle flooding, mold, and storm damage that could devastate a home or business.

As an industry leader, the residential and commercial cleaning service uses advanced restoration equipment and techniques for water cleanup. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth today at (817) 560-3086 to request water damage restoration services.

Water Damage Restoration Company Explains the Importance of Carpet Water Removal

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The water damage restoration team of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth explains why homeowners should rely on professional water removal to restore carpets after a flood.

Carpet Water Damage: What It Means and When to Call for Professional Water Removal

It's no secret that moisture and carpeting are a bad combination. Property owners affected by a flood or water leak that made its way to the carpet in their home are in a race against time. Water removal is the only way to save a carpet and make the home liveable again after water damage.

A wet carpet can quickly compromise the safety and comfort of the home if it's not cared for immediately. But replacing an expensive and valuable carpet isn't a property owner's only option. Hiring an emergency water restoration company like SERVPRO of West Fort Worth can save a lot of time and money.

What Happens to Carpets After Water Damage?

When a carpet and carpet pad get soaked and stay wet, they become the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold is a fungus that multiplies rapidly and emits a foul odor that is difficult to eliminate. It also produces toxins that can cause adverse health effects.

If a homeowner suspects mold growth, discarding the wet carpet right away is the best course of action. Consulting with mold remediation companies to remedy the affected areas can ensure the home's safety.

Water damage can also cause carpet delamination when excessive moisture weakens the glue that holds carpet layers together. When this happens, water removal services won't save a carpet and replacing it will be the only option.

Carpet cleaning and mold removal options depend on the water contamination levels and how long the carpet was wet. If the carpet becomes saturated with unsanitary water, floodwater can infect the carpet with bacteria.

Carpets saturated with unsanitary water require immediate water damage restoration. Since black water is highly unsanitary, it's impossible to successfully clean and dry a carpet damaged from black water sources.

Is It Possible to Repair a Water Damaged Carpet Without Professional Help?

Some people might try to fix their water-damaged carpet by using water removal techniques they learned online. It's best to let the experts handle such a task.

Homeowners risk damaging their carpet when they take the DIY approach to cut corners. Failing to remove all the traces of moisture will result in significant mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the carpet and padding need to be completely dry within 48 hours to prevent mold growth and further deterioration. It takes time and professional-grade humidifiers and equipment to dry a carpet thoroughly.

Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services in Fort Worth

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is one of the best water restoration companies in Fort Worth, TX. With years of professional experience providing residential and commercial water damage cleanup, SERVPRO guarantees high-quality water removal services for Texas clients.

Carpet water extraction is just one aspect of the restoration service SERVPRO offers. As the top-rated specialty and commercial cleaning service, they thoroughly clean water-damaged carpets and restore them to like-new condition.

SERVPRO of West For Worth is an all-in-one company that provides the same services offered by fire restoration companies and mold remediation companies. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at 817-560-3086 for water removal and restoration services.

Restoration Company Explains How Water Damage Mitigation Works

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO, Fort Worth’s number one water damage restoration company, shows how property owners can treat water damage and restore their homes with professional water damage mitigation services.

How to Create a Water Damage Mitigation Plan

Approximately 14,000 people experience a major water damage emergency in the home or the workplace each day. Whether resulting from a flood, leak, or another source, more than 40% of homeowners in the United States will deal with water damage at some point. Based on the statistics alone, homeowners and business owners must develop a water mitigation plan.

Emergency water restoration services can be a lifesaver when disaster strikes or an unexpected event causes extensive water damage to a commercial or residential property. Water damage mitigation is the first step in the restoration process. 

What Is Water Damage Mitigation?

FEMA defines water cleanup and mitigation as measures that lessen the impact of natural disasters or catastrophic events, reducing the loss of property or life. The water damage mitigation process refers explicitly to cleaning up the water and preventing it from further damaging belongings and property.

The water mitigation process involves the following:

  •       Locating the water source
  •       Removing water-damaged furniture
  •       Drying out the property, which typically involves hiring a water damage restoration company
  •       Repairing structural damage
  •       Restoring the property to its original condition

Why Is It Important to Have a Water Damage Mitigation Plan?

Property owners benefit from formulating water mitigation plans before a disaster occurs. Unfortunately, most home insurance policies don’t cover water mitigation services, especially for accidental events caused by a lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear.

Standard insurance policies also don’t cover flood damage. Homeowners must have a separate flood policy, or they’ll have to pay for mold removal, demolished structures, and other damages out of their own pockets.

How to Devise a Water Mitigation Plan

A well-constructed water damage mitigation strategy provides instruction on all aspects of detection, emergency procedures, and communications. It should include the following:

Decide Who Will Execute the Plan

In commercial water damage mitigation, business managers must appoint a leader responsible for ensuring the execution of every procedure outlined in the water damage mitigation plan.

Scope Out the Entire Property

A water mitigation plan should include every floor in a home, each building on campus, and key areas in a facility. The scope of the property is essential for rolling out mitigation efforts, initiating emergency procedures, and providing access to water damage restoration companies hired to begin restoration.

Identify Detection Methods

Identify all external and internal sources of water. Consider the possibility of plumbing failures such as the roof drain, fire sprinkler systems, sump pump, sewer systems, and more. Include emergency contact information of all vendors, including electricians, roofers, plumbers, and sprinkler contractors.

Catalog Critical Equipment

List all equipment vulnerable to water damage, such as electrical rooms, basements, boilers, elevator equipment, and more.

Use Preventative Measures

Water damage mitigation also involves being proactive about taking preventative measures. Consider installing water detection systems, emergency generators, flood barriers, and performing routine roof and piping inspections to prevent water intrusion.

Get Professional Water Damage Mitigation Help

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is one of the best water restoration companies in Benbrook, TX, with over 50 years of industry experience. In addition to water damage mitigation, SERVPRO offers the same services as fire restoration companies and mold remediation companies.

SERVPRO’s commercial cleaning service helps restore corporate buildings and facilities to their original state. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Forth Worth at 817-560-3086 for water damage mitigation in Benbrook, TX.

Water Restoration Company Outlines Six Water Damage Mistakes to Avoid

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO, one of Texas's top flood damage repair companies, explores ways homeowners can avoid expensive water damage mistakes.

How to Mitigate Water Damage with 6 Flood Damage Repair Tips

According to FEMA, the cost of flood damage restoration was approximately $17 billion annually between 2010 and 2018. Flood damage repair and water cleanup costs are expected to increase even more in the next few years.

Undoubtedly, dealing with the aftermath of a flood caused by a natural disaster or a sewage backup is incredibly challenging. Here are six tips from the experts at SERVPRO of West Fort Worth to help property owners mitigate flood water damage to prevent costly mistakes:

1. Invest In Leak Detection Tools

The best way to avoid costly flood damage repair work is to prevent flooding caused by bad pipes. Flow sensors are affordable devices that monitor water flow rates in pipes and sense when significant changes occur.

The flow sensor will immediately shut down water flow to specific pipes if it senses a leak or that it's about to burst. Leak detection tools are well worth the investment.

2. Initiate Flood Damage Restoration Fast

Perhaps the biggest mistake property owners make when they experience flood damage is failing to address the problem promptly. Delaying the water extraction and flood damage repair process can cause further damage to structural elements, carpeting, and furniture.

Excessive moisture leads to mold growth, which is a  health hazard. Mold removal services are expensive and ultimately increase water damage restoration costs.

3. Address Minor Leaks Right Way

Property owners often underestimate seemingly small plumbing or pipe problems. When property owners fail to address minor leaks, they almost always become bigger problems. Taking even the tiniest drop of water seriously can prevent accidental flooding.

4. Know-How To Shut Off The Main Water Line

The SERVPRO plumbing experts say that the main water valve is a critical plumbing feature, and property owners should know how to access it. The main water line distributes water throughout the house. In a plumbing emergency, shutting down the main water line is crucial for preventing extensive flood damage repair work.

5. Hire the Right Restoration Company

The flood damage repair process can be overwhelming for property owners, which is why most seek help from water restoration companies. It's best to hire a company that can do

more than just help with the water cleanup.

Businesses that offer similar services as fire restoration companies and mold remediation companies have diverse skillsets to perform a wide variety of restoration services. 

6. Invest in Flood Insurance

Just an inch of floodwater can generate up to $25,000 in water damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners discover home insurance policies won't cover flood damage repair work after a disaster strikes.

Flood insurance is a separate policy that covers buildings and their contents in the aftermath of a flood. Having flood insurance can help property owners recover from water damage faster and minimizes out-of-pocket fees.

Affordable and Reliable Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth offers top-quality emergency flood damage restoration services in Azle, TX. With more than 50 years of professional residential and commercial water damage restoration experience, property owners all over the country trust them to help restore their homes and businesses.

SERVPRO is an all-in-one business that specializes in:

  •       Mold mediation
  •       Fire damage restoration
  •       Storm restoration
  •       Construction
  •       Commercial cleaning services

Get flood damage repair help today. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (816) 550-3086.

Things to do for Water Damage until Help Arrives in Fort Worth

2/23/2022 (Permalink)

Servpro generators outside church Are you swimming unhappily in water from a flood? Call us for help!

Walking into a flooded home or business is never a good way to start the day in Fort Worth! If you find yourself dealing with wet, soggy furniture, carpeting, etc., give SERVPRO of West Fort Worth a call at 817-560-3086 and we will begin the restoration process.

While you are waiting for SERVPRO to arrive, there are a few things you can do, if you choose, but first make sure the building or home is safe to enter.

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth Wants You to Remember:

  • Wet surfaces are slippery
  • Make sure electrical power is off before you handle devices
  • Make sure you are standing on a dry area before you turn on the electric power
  • Waterlogged materials are heavy

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth suggests you:

  • Remove excess water with mops and/or towels
  • Wipe water from wood furniture or other items
  • Place foil or blocks between furniture and wet carpeting
  • Turn on dehumidifiers or air-conditioning if it is safe
  • Move colored items from wet carpeting
  • Move loose items from the floor or counters
  • Remember that mold starts growing within 24 hours
  • Stay away from rooms that have sagging ceilings
  • Remove wet cushions. Prop them upright to dry
  • Move artwork to a safe, dry place
  • Start drying items ASAP

More helpful tips:

Reasons Why SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is the Best Company for Fire Damage Restoration

2/15/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth offers Fort Worth Residents reasons why area residents should hire them for fire damage restoration services.

Four Reasons SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is a Leading Fire Damage Restoration Company

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is a top provider of damage restoration services. They offer everything from water cleanup and water damage restoration to mold removal and reconstruction services to Fort Worth, TX, residents, businesses, and those in the surrounding areas. Whether a home or a business needs emergency restorations or a fast, thorough cleaning service, SERVPRO is there.

The SERVPRO team understands the importance of a detail-oriented fire damage restoration company. A combination of quality work, helpful customer service, and state-of-the-art equipment make SERVPRO the best choice for those who need to clean up and restore burned materials. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth makes it easy to start fresh.

1. 24/7 Availability and Fast Response Times

When fire damage occurs, it is not always possible to wait for disaster remediation. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is here around the clock to provide fire damage restoration services and more. Being available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency restoration service means customers get quality restorations with quick response times.

The team of fire damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO understand the variety of services needed in fire damage restoration and the effort necessary to meet them successfully. Take advantage of their additional emergency water damage restoration service or other restoration services for a complete and seamless restoration experience.

2. Certified Damage Restoration Experts

Because SERVPRO is a certified damage restoration company, customers can rest assured they'll get high-quality handiwork and comprehensive restoration services. SERVPRO's restoration experts know how to:

  •       Restore different materials
  •       Resolve soot stains
  •       Perform expert fire and water damage restoration

Knowing the highly trained team at SERVPRO has the proper certifications gives homeowners and business owners the confidence that they will get a satisfying result. Licensing also means that the fire damage restoration company will take necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines. Green, eco-friendly cleaning and restoration tools are used.

3. Excellent Reviews

Unlike other fire restoration companies, SERVPRO of West Fort Worth's many excellent customer reviews let potential clients know how satisfied they are with their damage restoration and commercial cleaning service. SERVPRO regularly receives five-star reviews mentioning their professionalism, quick response times, and friendly customer service. Customers get a trustworthy company and a reasonable quote for damage restoration.

4. Manages the Insurance Process

SERVPRO understands the confusion and frustration that comes with making an insurance claim, especially after suffering a fire. Unlike many fire, water damage and mold remediation companies, SERVPRO helps customers document and file insurance claims.

The SERVPRO team can value property damage and quote restoration costs. They work with the home insurance company to help you get adequate compensation for damages. The expert team will also help you understand the restoration process.

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth outdoes other fire and water restoration companies with a combination of quality service, accessible pricing, and a professional restoration team. Founded in 1967, they have decades of experience behind their restoration needs. The SERVPRO team’s transparency and skill give clients the peace of mind that their fire-damaged residence or business will get the care it needs no matter the severity.

Fire damage and restoration doesn’t have to be a stressful process or derail the operation of business! Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 for commercial water damage restoration, fire damage restoration services, and more!