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4 Things to Look for When Hiring Commercial Restoration Contractors: A Guide to Commercial Services

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO of West Fort Worth lay out four things to look for when enlisting the help of a commercial restoration company to clean up fire and water damage.

SERVPRO first started restoring commercial buildings in 1967. For decades, the company has served as the first name to call when a property suffers fire or water damage. As the most trusted brand in the commercial services business, SERVPRO now provides professional restoration services in over 1,700 locations across the United States and Canada. 

The restoration experts at SERVPRO know all too well how fire and water damage can cause chaos in your life, impeding the rational selection of a reputable commercial services company. That’s why the friendly team at SERVPRO of West Fort Worth curated a list of things to look for when hiring commercial restoration contractors.

4 Things to Look for in a Commercial Restoration Contractor

#1: Credible Website

In the digital age, the first step in your path to finding reliable water and fire damage restoration services is to peruse company websites. The website should look professional, and you should be able to find plenty of information about the company, like reviews, certifications, a complete list of services, and more. 

Seeing a full list of services is particularly helpful. Opting for a company that offers fire and water restoration-related services, like mold removal and air duct cleaning, is beneficial as you can cover all your bases with one contractor. 

#2: Licensing

Commercial building owners who hire unlicensed fire and water restoration companies risk doing additional damage to their properties. It’s vital to hire certified experts in water cleanup and mold removal to avoid lingering problems in the future. 

Look for a company that only hires professionals with the following certifications, among others:

  • Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT)
  • Applied Structural Drying Technician (ASD)
  • Water Damage Restoration Technician (WDT)

#3: References

All high-quality water and fire restoration companies can provide good references upon request. Some businesses that provide commercial cleaning services even keep detailed portfolios of past projects. Don’t be afraid to ask for references when approaching a company that offers commercial services.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask water, fire, and mold remediation companies:

  • Can you provide work samples?
  • How is your company’s safety record?
  • Is your company fully insured?

Treat these questions as a screening process to narrow down your pool of options. Once you have a shortlist, you can dig deeper into the company’s project history. 

#4: Experience

It should go without saying that if you’re facing fire, water, or mold damage, you don’t want to gamble on a company that’s new to the game. Commercial services represent a specialized field that requires extensive education, training, and experience.

You want a company that has a long track record of proven success—preferably restoring buildings similar to yours with similar damage. For instance, if you have a multi-floor office building, a contractor who has only worked on residential spaces might not be up to the task. Crew size may also play a factor in that regard.

Want to know more? Contact SERVPRO for more information about building restoration services in Fort Worth, TX

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SERVPRO of West Fort Worth

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Fort Worth, TX 76116

Debunking the Top 4 Myths and Misconceptions About Water Damage Restoration

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO water damage restoration specialists offer residents of Fort Worth, Texas, information on 4 water damage myths and detail the benefits of their restoration assistance. 

Common Water Damage Restoration Myths Debunked

Myth #1: There’s no need to rush water damage restoration 

Homeowners may think that once the water has dried after a flood, there’s no damage left behind. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. While the walls and floors may appear to be dry, that doesn’t mean there’s no flood damage hidden behind or underneath surfaces. Mold can grow quickly, leading to a much bigger expense. It’s important to reach out to a trusted water damage restoration company as soon as possible.

SERVPRO professionals are trained to check for signs of water damage. They’re readily available to catch the window of opportunity before mold starts to grow. If mold is spotted, SERVPRO certified technicians can begin the mold removal process to make your home safe again! 

Myth #2: Insurance won’t cover the damages

After a flood, many property owners may assume that their insurance company won’t cover the cost of damages. However, in most cases, insurance policies will cover some or all of the damages! Every flood looks different, so it depends on your situation and your particular insurance policy. 

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth, TX, works with your insurance and can help you make an insurance claim, quickly and easily.  

Myth #3: I’ll just rent some equipment; I don’t need a professional

While water cleanup equipment can be rented for a reasonable price, these machines are often cumbersome and difficult to use without the proper training. Water cleanup is a task best left to professionals who know how to effectively operate cleaning equipment. Water tends to spread quickly behind walls and under floorboards. That’s why turning water damage restoration into a “do-it-yourself” project isn’t such a good idea. 

SERVPRO technicians have the experience it takes to find all of the hidden water damage through the use of high-end technology, including moisture detection, water extraction, and drying equipment, as well as odor removal. SERVPRO professionals can ensure a speedy and thorough restoration process.

Myth #4: The carpet is unsalvageable

When faced with flood damage, many homeowners assume the carpet will need to be replaced. The truth, however, is that your carpet can be salvaged. The first step to take is to contact your local water damage specialists, like SERVPRO, to assess the damage to your carpet. Assuming the damage isn’t too bad, restoration technicians can begin the process of methodically drying and cleaning your carpet, making it usable once again.

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is the trusted company of Benbrook, TX to provide professional cleaning and restoration of your carpet and other parts of your damaged property.  

About the Company: 

SERVPRO is the top choice for water and fire damage restoration in the 76116 area. They specialize in the restoration and cleanup of commercial and residential properties. SERVPRO technicians are also certified in mold remediation and removal, as well as air duct cleaning, so think of them as your go-to source for home maintenance. Their goal is to make your living space comfortable for you once again. The SERVPRO team responds quickly to assess and clean up damage to prevent secondary loss. 

Call (817) 560-3086 now for a free quote, or go to SERVPRO of West Fort Worth for more information. 

How to Help Your Business Bounce Back After Fire Damage Restoration

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO offers four helpful, step-by-step ways for businesses to bounce back after being affected by fire damage.

How to Help Your Business Bounce Back After Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is a tragedy for any business, but there are proven steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth recovery process and proper fire damage restoration.

#1: Contact the Insurance Company ASAP

When fire damage affects a business, the first thing that needs to be done is contacting the insurance company. Filing claims and assessing damage can be a lengthy process, so it is best to get started as soon as possible. This will help avoid delays, meet deadlines, and schedule a prompt appointment with an insurance adjuster.

Furthermore, it is important to make sure that a copy of the insurance policy is available. Familiarize yourself with the details and inclusions of the policy as you move forward through the claims process.

#2: Gather All Necessary Documentation

According to the Insurance Information Institute, businesses in the US suffered over 4.3 billion dollars in property losses from fire damage in 2019 alone. Therefore, documenting the damage to the property is extremely important. Doing so will give the business its best chance at recovering any significant property loss.

Use multiple methods to document the damage, including photos, videos, and detailed written descriptions. Proper documentation will offer the best chance of recuperating the losses.

In addition to recording damage, here are a few other documents that should be gathered:

  • Copy of the fire report
  • Receipts documenting the fire damage restoration costs
  • Inventory lists to ensure no damage or losses get overlooked

#3: Salvage and Remove Undamaged Property

Once all the damaged items are documented, it is important to remove or secure items remaining inside the building to avoid any further damage. 

Electronics, equipment, and other expensive items are particularly susceptible to further loss. The business and property are often exposed after fire damage, which could allow thieves to steal anything valuable left behind.

Furthermore, it’s likely that the business will have been affected by the soot, debris, and smoke left in the fire’s wake. This can lead to unexpected damage to the property long after the fire has gone out. Therefore, it’s important to remove any important items that can be damaged by these factors as soon as possible.

#4: Begin Fire Damage Restoration and Repair

The final step is restoring the business to its original condition. Choose a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO of West Fort Worth who can repair the damage quickly and help restore the property from start to finish.

Here is what to expect during the fire damage restoration process:

  • Step 1: Speak with the local repair and restoration contractor. Contact SERVPRO of West Fort Worth.
  • Step 2: Bring in restoration professionals for inspection and damage assessment.
  • Step 3: These experts will secure the property from further damage, which may include boarding up windows and tarping damaged roofs.
  • Step 4: Immediate water cleanup will remove any water left behind from extinguishing the fire. 
  • Step 5: The restoration team will remove soot and smoke from all surfaces, including walls and ceilings.
  • Step 6: The property will be cleaned and sanitized. Also, harmful odors will be neutralized and removed.
  • Step 7: Bring the business back to its pre-fire condition and reopen as quickly as possible. This process can include painting, reflooring, and other repairs.


Call for 24-hour service at (817) 560-3086.

How Investing in a Commercial Cleaning Service Ensures Safety and Saves Money

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth explains several services offered by a commercial cleaning service with restoration experience beyond traditional office cleaning. Disasters that could affect the health of a company's employees and customers are best left to professionals with biohazard, mold, or chemical training. Using an outside service not only ensures a safe cleanup, but it also has the potential to save the business money.

What Do Commercial Cleaning Services Offer?

As a Fort Worth, TX, business owner, you understand the necessity of a clean and professional-looking workspace. Not only does a clean, mold-free building ensure the safety of your customers and employees, it also gives a confident first impression. But is it worth hiring a commercial cleaning service? Absolutely, and this is why.

Time is money. The less time you or your employees have to spend cleaning, the more time you can spend on jobs that really matter. By working with a commercial cleaning service, you can focus on jobs that bring in income and offset cleaning costs. Trying to handle heavy jobs like water cleanup and mold removal on your own can mean having to repeat the process down the line.

Commercial building restoration presents challenges that a traditional cleaning service can't manage. It's essential to hire a company possessing resources, training, and experience with larger disasters. Water removal and fire restoration companies go beyond what a janitorial cleaning crew can handle by offering the services below.

HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning Service

A poorly working ventilation system can cause high energy bills and potential mold growth. The older an HVAC system is, the more likely it is to circulate the following contaminants:

  • Dirt and debris
  • Strong odors
  • Pollen
  • Dust

Having the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system serviced provides cleaner air for you and your customers, and it can also save you money. There is nothing worse than having to shut your whole business down to clean up a problem that's making your clients and employees ill. Inspections can also extend your HVAC unit's life, reducing the cost of repairs and how often replacement is needed.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Service

Even high-quality furniture and carpeting will eventually soil. Hiring a commercial cleaning service to maintain your investments can prevent buildups of hair, gases, dirt, and dust. Preventative actions include:

  • Limiting soil tracking by using walk-off mats
  • Moving furniture to create new foot traffic patterns
  • Spot Removal
  • Vacuuming
  • Pilating a carpet to prevent matting

Business cleaning services also offer deep carpet cleaning to remove saturated dirt that could damage your carpet. It is recommended that you have this done at least once a year.

Deodorization and Odor Removal Service

Odors can come from any number of sources both outside and inside your building. For a persistent or severe odor problem, shortcuts like masking won't work. Water restoration companies train employees to identify and eliminate bad smells using various techniques and products for lasting results.

COVID-19 Cleaning Service

The Coronavirus pandemic has created extra challenges and considerations for Fort Worth, Texas, business owners. As the virus continues to change, you need a professional cleaning service familiar with handling hazardous cleanups. A building restoration service can provide a higher cleaning standard that meets the local authorities' and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requirements.

Using a professional commercial cleaning service to manage major cleanups is the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently. While it may be tempting to do the job yourself, without professional training, you could create a larger problem down the line. Save yourself time, money, and aggravation by hiring a company that can ensure the proper results.

About the Company

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth specializes in commercial and residential cleanup and restoration. Whether you've had a COVID outbreak, need help with flood cleanup, or require fire damage restoration, the SERVPRO staff has the necessary training and experience for the job. To schedule service for your company or home in the 76116 Fort Worth, TX, area, call SERVPRO 24/7 at (817) 560-3086.

Top Reasons Why Hiring a Specialized Cleaning Services is Necessary in a Time of COVID

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth explains the parameters and benefits of specialized cleaning to address the particular need for safety in the COVID era

SERVPRO is a professional cleaning company that offers residential and commercial cleaning, biohazard decontamination, and post-disaster emergency cleanup services. Our staff has extensive training and experience in all specialized cleaning industry standards. We respect your property, maintain your privacy, and provide reliable service.


Professional COVID Cleaning Service

In the COVID-19 era, janitorial services and carpet cleaning are no longer enough. You want an extensive cleaning program that focuses on pathogen elimination. SERVPRO’s higher standard of clean wipes out viral pathogens and helps ensure the safety and hygiene of businesses, restaurants, and all public facilities.

Our professional team adheres strictly to all CDC decontamination and cleaning standards. SERVPRO employs qualified technicians with AMRT, WRT, and ASD certifications.

Advanced Technology, Higher Standards

SERVPRO is committed to keeping up with the most advanced cleaning and decontamination technologies. We are constantly revising and updating our methods and equipment to make sure you receive the highest standard of service.

During this challenging time, SERVPRO’s professionals are prepared to clean and sanitize your home, business, or public facility according to CDC protocols.

Our procedures include:

  •       Porous and non-porous surface cleanup
  •       Surface disinfection
  •       Equipment cleaning and disinfection
  •       Waste disposal

Per CDC guidelines, we emphasize cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, including tabletops, counters, doorknobs, stair handrails, toilet and bathroom fixtures, light switches, keyboards, tablets, and phones.

We pay especially close attention to communal areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, offices, water fountains, retail spaces, and elevators.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

At SERVPRO, we are committed to helping communities get back to normal with confidence. SERVPRO responds to the COVID-19 pandemic with our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned service.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a thorough defensive pathogen-focused cleaning program based on 3 Cs:

  •       Consult: We offer an individually tailored cleaning program that suits the needs of your facility.
  •       Clean: Following your personalized program, we perform an expert deep clean using hospital-grade, EPA-approved cleaning solutions and following CDC protocols.
  •       Certify: Once our cleaning program is complete, we will conduct a thorough check and issue a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned shield for your business. When visitors see the SERVPRO shield on your front window, they can walk in with confidence, knowing that your facility works with the top professionals in cleaning and decontamination.

SERVPRO: A Cleaning Company You Can Trust

When searching for a cleaning company, you’ll want to check its local reputation and read customer reviews.

SERVPRO has been operating since 1967. We have passed the test of time thanks to our professional standards and commitment to prioritizing our clients above all else. We invite you to read what our clients have to say about working with SERVPRO.

Locally Owned, with National Resources

Based in West Fort Worth, TX, SERVPRO is a locally owned, locally operated company ready to respond to your needs on short notice. At the same time, we belong to a national network comprised of over 1,700 franchises, giving us access to extensive resources and enabling us to handle large cleaning projects. SERVPRO sets a nationwide service standard for cleaning, safety, and biohazard elimination.

For Superior Cleaning and COVID Safety, Contact SERVPRO

Want your business or facility to be 100% clean and pathogen-free? Ensure the health and safety of your staff, clients, and visitors with Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. We are proud to serve the communities of Fort Worth, Lake Worth, Benbrook, Azle, Lakeside, Pelican Bay, Westworth Village, and White Settlement.

Call us at (817) 560-3086 or fill out our online form, and SERVPRO’s team will soon arrive on the premises to clean and decontaminate your facility.

4 Things to Expect During the Storm Damage Repair and Restoration Process

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Fort Worth, TX, has seen the effects of harsh storms in our area. From water cleanup to fire restoration, the team explains what to expect from a professional storm damage repair service.

Residents of Fort Worth, Texas, have a high chance of encountering tornadoes, floods, lightning strikes, and hurricanes. Although most homes and businesses are built to weather powerful storms, nature can destroy even the sturdiest construction. When a building is hit with water, mold, or fire damage, a professional storm damage repair company like SERVPRO of West Fort worth can quickly restore the structure.

SERVPRO has a certified response team ready to react to any disaster in the Lake Worth and Benbrook areas 24 hours a day and seven days a week. As a well-respected building restoration service, SERVPRO’s huge team of storm damage repair specialists can take on jobs that might overwhelm other storm damage repair companies. 

As one of the most trusted water restoration companies, SERVPRO offers the following tips on responding and what to expect after a home or business suffers storm damage. 

1. Water Removal and Water Cleanup

In most cases, storm damage results in water damage, either through weather-related leaks or flooding from pipes. Water damage can lead to serious health and structural issues, so it's essential to get water clean up following a storm immediately. 

Water restoration companies like SERVPRO have the experience and equipment to tackle water damage and flood cleanup before it damages a building beyond repair. 

Within minutes, water can saturate carpeting, furniture, and belongings. If left untreated for even a few days, it can promote rapid mold and mildew growth, break down drywall, and create a toxic environment. These are some of the reasons it’s essential to contact SERVPRO immediately after storm damage.

Water restoration companies provide the following services to identify and remove water damage:

  • Inspect the building to identify the extent of water damage
  • Employ powerful pumps and vacuums to eliminate standing water
  • Use industrial fans and dehumidifiers to dry the building thoroughly
  • Provide professional cleaning to sanitize the environment and remove odors
  • Repair and restore areas of the building suffering from water damage 

2. Mold Removal 

Mold, which needs moisture to grow, is one of the most dangerous consequences of storm damage. This bacteria grows quickly—often within a day after a flood or leak—and can cause health effects if not detected early. Mold remediation companies like SERVPRO are experts at mold removal. 

Following storm damage, the mold remediation team will:

  • Eliminate the source of moisture causing mold growth
  • Identify and remove mold and mold-infested materials
  • Employ a powerful air filtration system to remove tiny mold spores from the atmosphere
  • Sanitize mold-infected materials and areas
  • Repair and restore areas damaged by mold

3. Fire Damage Restoration

Occasionally, storm damage can cause a building fire. Not only will the flames ruin parts of the structure, but smoke damage will leave other areas stained and unusable. If the fire department responds or your sprinklers kick on, you will also have considerable water damage.

Fire restoration companies like SERVPRO can take care of everything from board-up and tarp service to eliminating smoke odors and reconstruction. Your cleanup company can work directly with an insurance provider to expedite the fire damage restoration service.

4. Commercial Storm Repair and Clean Up

Often businesses suffer additional complications following storm damage. In addition to the services listed above, SERVPRO’s commercial cleaning service gets businesses up and running after a disaster by offering:

  • Commercial water damage cleanup and repair
  • Air duct cleaning service
  • Biohazard and sewage cleanup

Locally owned and operated, SERVPRO is one of Texas’ leading water, mold, and fire restoration companies. For rapid storm damage repair, contact SERVPRO at 817-560-3086. Their offices are located at 8008 Camp Bowie W Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116.

Preparing For Winter Storms

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

The last thing you want to be taking care of this winter is frozen pipes or other issues that come with the cold weather, and preparing for winter storms and all their rain, sleet, and snow is a good way to keep those scenarios far away. In anticipation of subpar weather this winter, follow these 6 tips to prepare for winter storms:

  1. Install weather stripping. 

Weatherstripping consists of sealing your doors and windows with material around the cracks to keep the cold air outside and the interior temperature regulated. Without weatherstripping, it’s easy for cold air, snow, and water to seep in through the cracks around your windows and doors, which makes your house chillier and also introduces potential mold growth. Adding weather stripping can keep the warm air inside your house while keeping cold air out, which also cuts down on your energy bill!

  1. Invest in a generator.

Especially if you have a business that people come to in-person, investing in a generator is a smart decision. This is particularly true if you have refrigerators or food storage of any kind on-site that will spoil if the power goes out. Winter storms often bring wind and precipitation, and these can down power lines at a moment’s notice. Having a generator to kick in just in case will help prevent any damage from going down if the lights and heat go out. 

  1. Keep blankets or other heat sources in storage.

If the power goes out, that also means your heat goes with it. To prepare for this, it’s a good idea to have extra blankets, coats, dry firewood for your wood-burning stove (if you have one), and an emergency phone charger that doesn’t require electricity to power up your phone even if the rest of your power is out.

  1. Identify where your garage door’s manual release lever is located.

Since winter storms can cause power outages, it’s smart to educate yourself on where your garage door’s manual release lever is located so you can still leave your house if the electric garage door isn’t working. 

  1. Open your cabinet doors to allow warm air to insulate your pipes.

On particularly cold days, it’s not a bad idea to leave your cabinet doors open under your sinks to allow warm air to circulate and insulate your pipes. Frozen pipes are a recipe for disaster, and it’s best to prevent them if at all possible.

  1. Stay off the roads as much as possible.

Winter storms bring ice, sleet, rain, snow, and wind, and all of these elements can spell danger on the roads. It’s best to stay at home and minimize your time on the roads during winter storms until all the precipitation is cleared.

Take a walk around your house and make sure you’re prepared for the winter storms that are inevitably coming your way! If you experience any winter storm damage, you can reach SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086. 

We Are Experts in Biohazard Commercial Cleaning

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues without a definite end date, many businesses are being more vigilant than ever in taking health and safety precautions. Has your business been exposed to someone with the virus? If you are looking for professionals to help you decontaminate your business from COVID-19 or any other biohazards like medical waste, blood, sewage, or bacteria, look no further than SERVPRO of West Fort Worth. We have over 30 years of experience in biochemical spill remediation and contamination, which is a testament to your ability to trust us to safely remove any biohazards from your commercial properties.

Our biohazard team is trained in professional cleanup and recovery services for COVID-19 decontamination as well as chemical spills, blood cleanup, crime scene residues, and more. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting any area or building that has biohazards present, we also deodorize the area to ensure it doesn’t leave any unpleasant smells or health risks in the air as well as removing the actual biohazards.

For COVID-19 cleaning specifically, we offer a defensive pathogen cleaning program called Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned that far surpasses standard janitorial cleaning with proactive viral pathogen cleaning procedures in line with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control. 

For each Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned client, we create a tailor-made cleaning program for the unique needs of their facility, initiate a deep clean with our proprietary EPA-approved Hospital-Grade cleaning solutions in adherence to CDC standards, and leave a shield on your window or door to assure your customers or clients recognize and feel safe as a result of the cleaning procedures that have taken place at your facility.

In the event that you need someone to clean your commercial buildings or properties’ premises after COVID-19 or other biohazard exposure, dial (817) 560-3086. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth would be more than happy to assist you in returning your property to its former, safe, clean, and healthy state.

How Can I Get My Texas Home Cleaned Up After a Fire

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO Team Can Arrive Quickly to Your Texas Residences for Cleaning and Restoration Following a Fire

Cleaning up after a fire loss incident in Texas is one of the considerable challenges to making these disasters “Like it never even happened.” Without adequate and thorough cleaning and restoration practices implemented at the right times, surfaces and contents could suffer irreparable damages. Discarding materials and reinstalling them can be an unnecessary cost when our SERVPRO professionals can get to work quickly on the recovery steps required.

Effective cleaning and restoration after fire damage to North Texas homes begin with a fast and confident response. Because our technicians stay prepared to answer the call 24/7, we can often reach damaged addresses while there is still time and opportunity to protect many of the surfaces and exposed contents. Entrusting your home to responding technicians can often make the return to preloss condition more efficient and cost-effective.

What is Debris Removal?

Among the first steps in cleaning and restoring your fire-damaged home is debris removal. This process is one of the emergency services that our professionals offer and can help our technicians to gain control of an increasingly difficult situation. Shoveling out piles of ash and charred remnants of materials can help in many ways. Some advantages of beginning debris removal or muck-out for your home include:
    •    Reduces the concentration of soot
    •    Makes odors less intense
    •    Allows our professionals to inspect the property better

Is Soot Dangerous to Be Around?

Soot can be one of the most challenging obstacles for responding technicians, as this residue can react differently with each of the materials that it becomes exposed to after a fire. Also, the presence of soot can present health concerns for those in direct contact, which requires our professionals always to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. From Tyvek suits to gloves and respirators, we can protect our cleaning team and eliminate cross-contamination with other areas of your house. The primary concerns about soot include:

    •    Acidic Nature – Because soot has an acidic base to its composition, its presence in a layer resting on organic surfaces can have a destructive effect. When residue goes prolonged periods without getting removed, it can mar or stain surfaces underneath it.
    •    Microscopic Particles – the size of soot particles is also an alarming concern because these microscopic particulates can get easily inhaled and travel deep into the lungs.
    •    High Concentrations – Circulating soot in the environment can present hazards like unclean breathing air and more substantial concentrations of soot residues on exposed surfaces.

How Can Residues Like Soot Get Cleaned?

Removing soot and smoke residues from the house requires several approaches and potent cleaning products. The best approach and technique to remove soot damage in the house gets determined often during the initial assessment and evaluation of the property following a fire loss. Our project manager can walk through the damaged building to begin cataloging loss and noting wherever soot removal techniques are necessary. These might include:

    •    Chemical Solvents – Emulsification can be an excellent method for removing oily soils from surfaces, and many of our chemical solvents can also have a positive effect on present soot damage. Pretesting is a way to determine what potent products are the best choice for the affected material.
    •    Soda/Media Blasting – Using a high-pressure output, soda, and media blasting equipment can help to restore the surface of a damaged structural element by eliminating soot without destroying the construction material beneath it.
    •    Controlled Demolition – There are some situations where material removal might be the only suitable solution. If soot has stained or marred a surface or item, our in-house contractors can remove only the damaged portions to make build back and reconstruction as efficient as possible.

What If Contents in My House Get Soot-Damaged?

Your belongings are just as susceptible and sensitive to soot exposure and damage as the construction materials used in your home. While you might not have the time to relocate everything of value or significance, our SERVPRO professionals can work on content management beginning as soon as we arrive. From on-site cleaning and relocation efforts to more intricate cleaning practices that can happen in our nearby facility and warehouse, we can improve the look and feel of damaged items efficiently.

Fires can be highly destructive to your home, especially surfaces battling the presence of soot and other residues. Addressing these concerns can involve multiple strategies, including surface cleaning, media blasting, and controlled demolition. No matter what your home needs, you can count on our SERVPRO of West Fort Worth team to help by calling (817) 560-3086.

Immediate Steps to Take After a Basement Flood and How Water Damage Remediation Will Help

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Basement flooding can lead to severe problems in any building, and property owners only have a short time to remedy the situation with the help of water restoration companies. Learn about how water damage can affect basements and the immediate steps to take before other remediation efforts from the professionals at SERVPRO of West Fort Worth, TX. 

Immediate Steps to Take After Basement Flood and Water Damage Remediation

Whether your basement floods from a plumbing leak, fire suppression efforts, or an act of nature, unless you take prompt action, water damage can cause severe structural damages to the building and problems that can affect your health.

Understanding how basements flood and the types of water damage they cause will help you protect your home or business from unfortunate situations. It’s also necessary to learn how water damage restoration companies can bring your basement back to its original condition. Here, the experts at SERVPRO of West Fort Worth explain these topics in detail. 

Water Damage Risks from Basement Flooding

Water can get into your basement in four ways:

  1. Through the drainage system or sump
  2. Through cracks in the wall or floor
  3. Through entry points like windows and doors
  4. Through sewer lines under the house

Most people use their basement for storage unless they transform it into a room for daily use. With flooding, personal property like appliances, furniture, garments, and heirlooms are susceptible to irreparable damage.

Water damage can also affect flooring, drywall, and paint. Intense flooding around the house can weaken your foundation, which is where the basement sits, causing a visible shift to the building’s structure. Examples of shifting include gaps between walls and the ceiling or cracks in the floor.

Steps to Take Immediately After Your Basement Floods

Even a minor flood can rack up tens of thousands in repair costs, and the expenses go higher the longer you put off flood cleanup efforts. If you’re unsure what to do if your basement has rising water levels, stay out of the basement, and follow these steps.

  • Turn Off Power

Water and electricity create a dangerous situation. If your circuit breaker is in another room, turn it off immediately to stop electricity from flowing into your home. If the breaker is in the basement, do not enter the room, and call an electrician. 

  • Arrange for Water Removal and Cleanup

The longer water stays in the basement, the more water damage you will have. If you have more than a foot of water in the room, you may not be able to remove it all yourself, so reach out to water restoration companies who offer water removal and flood cleanup services, such as SERVPRO of Fort Worth. These experts will quickly rid the basement of water and proceed with drying efforts. 

Once they remove the water, they will use high-powered fans and blowers to dry every surface within the basement thoroughly. Neglecting this step can lead to further damages, including mold growth.

  • Prevent Mold Growth

Mold flourishes in dark, damp locations, and inhaling their spores can cause respiratory illnesses. Mold will start growing within 24 to 48 hours after a flood, so you may need to contact mold remediation companies for mold removal. Some water restoration companies offer the service.

  • Contact a Building Restoration Service

Building restoration includes water damage cleanup and restores your salvageable personal belongings and property. This professional service includes everything from flooring repair to furniture drying and restoration, typically necessary after a flood.

Water Damage Remediation Tips

After your basement floods and your water damage remediation efforts are complete, you should actively prevent the problem from occurring again to save time and money on repairs and replacements. One way to ensure that the remediation efforts remain effective is to schedule an occasional basement inspection and check for signs of moisture, mold, and other damages.

Another way to prevent another basement flood is with basement waterproofing. This process seals gaps, cracks, holes, and other openings within the foundation to prevent water from seeping into the area. Interior basement waterproofing is highly effective. Exterior waterproofing is ideal for maximum results, but only if you are willing to excavate the land around the house to access outdoor basement walls.


For years, the experts at SERVPRO have been serving residential and commercial clients throughout the Fort Worth, Texas, area. As a leading water and building restoration company, their trained technicians offer various top-quality services, including fire damage restoration, water removal, and professional cleaning. 

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