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Why SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is the Leading Property Damage Restoration Company?

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth looks at the many different qualities a property damage restoration company should have, including their experience, if their team has certifications, if they offer emergency services, and more.

Dealing with property damage to a home or commercial business can bring plenty of stress. That's why having a property damage restoration team on your side makes a huge difference. The right company can deal with issues like: 

  • Water damage 
  • Fire damage
  • Mold
  • Cleaning up biohazards, and more.

Unfortunately, disasters can strike anytime, so homeowners need a team that can spring into action immediately to resolve any disaster. We'll explore what sets SERVPRO® of West Fort Worth apart as the leading property damage restoration company in Fort Worth, TX.

Top 5 qualities of a property restoration team

When choosing the right property damage restoration team, property owners should look for the following qualities:

1. The right kind of experience

When researching restoration companies, choose a team with plenty of experience, including specializing in the relevant service. Since 1967, the SERVPRO team has helped Fort Worth, TX, residents. The family-owned and operated company proudly offers the following services: 

  • Fire damage: Fire damage doesn't just stop once a team extinguishes flames. Odors, soot, and smoke can continue damaging a home. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth can completely restore a property following fire damage. 
  • Water damage: Water damage comes in many forms. In particular, gray or black water causes severe issues besides initial damage to a home or possessions. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth can help restore homes and protect occupants' health following a leak or flood. 
  • Storm damage: Texas experiences extreme weather events, including heavy flooding and hurricanes. These incidents require extra care from an experienced team. 
  • Mold damage: One unfortunate side-effect of storm and water damage is mold growth. The right property damage restoration service can eliminate mold the moment it springs up or implement preventative measures.

2. ommercial and residential services

A commercial property may require extra restoration services based on size alone. The right company provides both residential and commercial restoration services, including water removal, water damage restoration, and mold remediation, to address all the damage and make it like it never happened.

3. The necessary qualifications

The right property damage restoration company also has the necessary qualifications. The SERVPRO of West Fort Worth team carries the following qualifications: 

  • FSRT - Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician
  • ASD - Applied Structural Drying Technician
  • AMRT - Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
  • WRT - Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • RRRP - Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation
  • CMT - Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician

Besides showing they have the necessary qualifications to complete the job, the proper certifications mean the SERVPRO team remains compliant with local regulations. The right team can produce documentation regarding their certifications upon request.

4. Emergency services

Disasters don't wait until it's convenient, nor should a property restoration team. Therefore, hiring a team like SERVPRO that offers 24/7 emergency services is crucial.

5. Clear communication

Clear communication is essential at every step of the property damage restoration process. The experienced SERVPRO technicians explain the process precisely and answer any questions a business or homeowner has.

Property Damage Restoration Services From SERVPRO

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth provides free inspections from certified and trained technicians. For over 50 years, the experienced team has been providing expert services to businesses and homeowners needing them the most. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086!

What is Back Puffing: Origin and Tips to Avoid Potential Risks

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth's expert team explores the common issues that cause back puffing in homes and what homeowners should do when faced with this problem.

During frigid winters, furnaces keep millions of homes toasty warm across the United States. But furnaces come with a little-known risk: back puffing.

Essentially, a puff back is a sudden explosion in a furnace due to vapor buildup. This process forces smoke, soot, and fire to spew out of the furnace and through the home's ducts.

Fire damage from back puffs causes severe damage and requires assistance from a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO of West Fort Worth.

What causes back puffing?

Many factors can trigger a furnace, fireplace, or stove to start back puffing. Back puffs happen most frequently in oil furnaces but can occur in forced-air or gas furnaces.

Some of the most common reasons include:

Dirty or poorly designed pipes

Furnaces require maintenance to function safely. Homeowners should schedule routine maintenance at least once a year and have the furnace professionally cleaned twice a year to remove soot buildup that causes back puffing.

Smoke does best when flowing out of a vertical pipe system. Any turns inside a piping system make it harder for smoke to escape and lead to the vapor buildup that causes back puffing.

Chimney obstructions 

An obstructed chimney results in restricted airflow, causing smoke to build up in a homeowner's piping system. This escalating pressure eventually becomes a back puff, putting the building at risk of fire damage. Chimney obstructions are usually bird nests, branches and twigs, and the occasional wasp nest.

Creosote buildup

When using a fireplace, smoke coats a flue's interior and leaves behind a substance called creosote. Smoke produces more creosote the more a homeowner uses their fireplace. This substance is extremely flammable and reduces a chimney's ability to function correctly. 

Homeowners should regularly have a team sweep their chimneys to prevent obstructions, creosote buildups, and future fire damage.

Too much insulation 

Many homeowners believe that the more insulation, the better. However, a building with too much insulation may lead to a back-puffing furnace. Fire needs oxygen, and too much insulation restricts the airflow necessary to keep the fire going, which creates ideal conditions for a back puff. 

Homeowners can open up a window next to the fire source to see if this takes care of the problem.

What homeowners shouldn't do after a back puff

If a homeowner's furnace has back puffed, there are some things not to do to minimize the fire damage: 

  • Don't use items exposed to back-puffing: Homeowners shouldn't use items like furniture or carpeting if excess soot or smoke gets on them.
  • Don't turn on electronics before checking them: Homeowners should always have a professional fire damage restoration company inspect electronics like TVs, computers, and stereos to ensure safety.
  • Don't attempt DIY soot cleanup: Cleaning smoke and heat often requires expert services. In particular, soot leaves long-lasting stains when homeowners use the wrong cleaning method.

Fire Damage Preventative Measures from SERVPRO 

Back puffing can cause fire damage to a residential or commercial property. Preventative measures are the best way to avoid back puffing and its associated risks. 

For over 50 years, SERVPRO of West Fort Worth has provided expert fire damage restoration and prevention services in Benbrook, TX. Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 to learn more!

Why Is Water Leaking at the Base of My Toilet: Common Reasons and Prevention

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Water pooling around a toilet's base indicates a developing issue. SERVPRO® of West Fort Worth, experts in water damage restoration, educates homeowners on what can lead to water damage. Read on to learn when to call SERVPRO's qualified technicians to fix leaks and prevent future issues.

Toilets are one of the most used appliances in the house. When toilets leak, they can cause hidden water damage that requires a water damage specialist.

Constant water leakage increases water bills because the toilet's internal pump keeps running. Water from the toilet can also seep into the walls and floors, creating ideal spaces for mold and mildew to grow. 

Homeowners in Azle, TX, can rely on SERVPRO of West Fort Worth to diagnose and repair water-related issues. The water damage experts are available 24/7 and know how to fix toilet water damage.

Common reasons for toilet water damage

Many toilets leak due to damaged parts. The most common reasons homeowners call SERVPRO for toilet repair include damaged flappers, supply lines, floats, and fill valves.

Damaged flapper

The flapper keeps water in the toilet tank and releases the water upon flushing. Damaged flappers cannot maintain the seal between the tank and the toilet bowl, causing water to leak. These leaks lead to water constantly refilling in the tank, which raises water bills.

Cracked supply line

The toilet tank fills with water from a cold-water supply line in a closed system that keeps air out and water inside. However, high water pressure or wear and tear crack the supply line and cause hidden leaks.

Bad float or rusted fill valve

A float in the toilet tank monitors the water level by floating on top, allowing the tank to refill to a specific height. A faulty float doesn't indicate when the water should stop, causing the toilet tank to overflow.

Even if the float is working, a rusted fill valve could cause an overflow. This valve controls how much water enters the tank. A damaged fill valve may allow water in even though the float has reached the correct height.

What to look out for

Check for consistent trickling sounds or streams of water after flushing. Also, keep tabs on flushing noises when no one has used the toilet. The flushing sound without the water leaving the bowl means water is refilling the tank.

In the case of obvious damage, like a broken toilet bowl or tank, immediately shut off the water to prevent water damage. Reach behind the toilet to the valve on the wall and turn it on until the water stops running. Flush the toilet once more to remove all water.

Leaks can affect the surrounding walls and floors. If water pools near the toilet, call a water damage specialist for water removal and mold remediation. Water damage restoration specialists will ensure that your repaired supply line stays up to Azle's city code.

Toilet Water Damage Repair From SERVPRO of West Fort Worth

An experienced residential and commercial restoration team repairs the results of toilet water spills effectively and at reasonable prices. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth has certified and specially trained technicians who know the best ways to prevent water damage.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 for five-star service when you need water damage restoration in Azle, TX.

Water Damage Restoration: Emergency Actions You Should Take When a Frozen Pipe Bursts

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth, experts in water damage restoration, describe the symptoms of a frozen pipe and advise homeowners on what steps to take if a frozen pipe bursts.

When a frozen pipe bursts, it may cost hundreds in damages. However, there are warning signs of a frozen pipe and ways to prevent a burst before it happens.

Here's some info on handling a frozen or burst pipe. The best option is to call a specialist in water damage restoration, such as SERVPRO of West Fort Worth.

Identifying Frozen Pipes

One of the most effective preventative measures is figuring out which pipes may have frozen over and are at risk of bursting. Whenever cold weather settles in the area, be sure to turn up the thermostat and call a professional plumber. Look out for these signs that indicate a frozen pipe:

  • A complete lack of flowing water or strange noises from the pipes when turning the water knobs
  • Visible frost on the outside of pipes that may indicate internal freezing
  • An unpleasant smell emanating from a pipe, which may have frozen with waste inside it

Cities with mild or warmer temperatures are at higher risk of burst frozen pipes because freezing cold is atypical. Infrastructure in Fort Worth, TX, may not fare well in colder weather, so remember to call a plumber for post-freeze checks. Additionally, contact a restoration specialist if a burst pipe causes inner wall or floor damage.

What to Do if the Pipe Bursts

Turn Off the Water Supply

Before freezing weather arrives, figure out where the main water valve is in order to shut it off during emergencies. Be careful to shut off electricity in areas with water damage if possible. This will help keep you safe from electric shock.

Call Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company as soon as possible. Insurance policies usually cover frozen pipe burst damages. The insurance company can help pay for costly repairs and lost valuables.

Contact a Plumber and a Water Damage Restoration Company

Plumbing and water damage restoration are two different skill sets, and many companies do not offer both. Plumbers are necessary for replacing the pipes, and the water damage restoration company helps clean up the aftermath. The best companies provide 24-hour emergency services to assist whenever a frozen pipe bursts. 

Costs may vary depending on the severity of the damage. Contact SERVPRO of West Fort Worth for top-notch water damage restorations at (817) 560-3086.

Remove Water As Soon As Possible

Standing water can damage the walls and floors of the building, seep into the floorboards and carpets, and lead to mold and mildew development. To prevent this while waiting for the plumber, immediately use towels, buckets, wet vacuums, and mops to remove as much water as possible. The longer the water sits, the more likely it is to cause further damage.

Water Damage Restoration From SERVPRO of West Fort Worth

An experienced water damage restoration team can clean up pooling and seeping water quickly and at reasonable prices. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth has certified and specially trained technicians who know the best ways to remove and fix damaged materials and items. Their drying equipment and knowledge are second to none.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 today for your water damage emergencies.

The Top 4 Causes of Commercial Water Damage and When to Call Commercial Restoration Services

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth advises homeowners on the leading causes of water damage and when to call in experts to fix any incurred damage.

Commercial water damage is expensive in several ways. Repairs to pipes and rooms in a building can add up quickly, the national average cost being around $4,000. Building managers often try to save money and cut corners by covering damage instead of hiring commercial restoration services. However, that is a terrible idea.

If the water seeps into the walls and floors, it can promote mildew and mold growth. This growth decreases the safety of the building and adds yet another expense in the form of mold removal.

Commercial building owners in Benbrook, TX, should rely on a professional restoration company to dry and repair commercial water damage. A company like SERVPRO of West Fort Worth would be a great option.

The Causes of Water Damage

Broken or Leaky Pipes

Water pipes typically last for, at minimum, 20 years. However, building construction, freezing weather, poor maintenance, and other causes can wear them down. 

This wear and tear can go unnoticed for weeks without a water damage inspection, but it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow after a water damage incident. Waiting to secure help allows the damage to linger and worsen. The Federal Facilities Council found that 85% of all inspected properties had previous water damage the owners never resolved.

If you notice sagging or darkened spots, musty carpet smells, or buckling wooden floors, you may have broken pipes lurking in your walls. Have professional commercial restoration services inspect and fix this issue for you.

Roof Damages

If there are openings and cracks in the roof, it can let the elements in, including rain. Over time, this moisture can seep into the wood or supports of the building.

Many roofs usually last over five years, but owners should still have them inspected regularly by a professional, especially after extreme weather events. If the experts find openings and damage, schedule a roof repair and inspection for water damage in the rest of the home.

Undermaintained HVAC System

HVAC systems usually last for anywhere between 10 to 25 years. However, without yearly inspections, they can fail much faster. As they wear down, the condenser coils and other components may not work, leading to moisture development and spilling.

These spills can seep into the walls and start mold growth. Take note of staining and musty smells near the vents.

Natural Disasters

When a weather emergency strikes, it is almost always accompanied by water damage. Floods, hurricanes, and tropical storms cause the most water damage of any natural disaster. Tornadoes can inadvertently cause water damage by weakening the property’s defenses against the elements, even without directly hitting the building. 

After a water-related disaster, always call professional commercial restoration services instead of relying on DIY methods to dry the property. They will ensure your property's prompt restoration. Also, more often than not, property insurance will help cover the mending costs.

Commercial Restoration Services From SERVPRO of West Fort Worth

An experienced commercial restoration team can repair damages from water spills efficiently. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth has certified and specially trained technicians who know the best ways to remove problem spots and fix properties. Their drying equipment and knowledge are second to none.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 today for your water damage emergencies.

How to Inspect Your Home for Storm Damage?

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The storm damage restoration experts at SERVPRO of West Fort Worth explain how to identify signs of storm damage in various parts of a home, from the roof to the floors.

How to Assess Property Damage After a Storm

Water, hail, and wind can cause severe property damage when a storm hits. Home and business owners must stay prepared to handle Mother Nature's unpredictability, and be quick to respond when their homes do incur damage. When undertaking storm damage restoration, here's what to look for in various areas of the home:

How To Check the Roof 

Once the storm passes, walk around the property to visually inspect the siding, gutters, downspouts, and roof. Check the roof for wind or hail damage, including dents, damaged gutters, and torn or missing shingles. A leaky roof or water damage can lead to mold, damaging the property's foundation.

Check the yard for roof fragments, as high winds can easily rip shingles away, exposing the roof underlayment to water damage. Also, look for debris that may have fallen from the roof's metal flashing or chimney.

Go into the attic or crawlspace to check for any water leaks or glimpses of sunlight. If you do find any damage, have the roof inspected by a storm damage restoration expert. 

How To Check Windows and Doors 

Windows and doors are just as susceptible to damage during a storm as any other part of the house (if not more so, windows being made of glass). Here's how the elements of a storm can affect windows and doors:

  • Wind: High winds can uproot trees and heavy objects, hurling them through windows and doors. After the storm, safely collect and secure any broken or shattered glass.
  • Hail: Hailstones can cause external property damage. Check the exterior of the windows for cracked glazing and dented trim. Inspect the doors for visible dents, cracks, or broken weather stripping around the frame. 
  • Water: High winds can push water into the windows. Condensation between double-paned windows indicates a broken seal. Additionally, rainwater may have penetrated the window if the space between the frame and sashes appears wet.

Check for other signs of water damage, including water stains, warped trim, and sagging floorboards. A storm damage restoration expert can assess the extent of damage and recommend a window/door repair or replacement. 

How To Check the Exterior

Exterior damage is often the most noticeable, but it can present in many ways, all of which require attention.

Paint can peel, siding can tear loose, and stucco can crumble. Hail can cause paint and siding discoloration or spots. Walk around the property's exterior and look for the following signs:

  • Cracking
  • Chipping
  • Dings
  • Dents
  • Holes

If a storm hits a neighboring town like Azle, TX, it may hit West Fort Worth too. If this happens, consult an expert to inspect the property's exterior and repair storm damage. If left undetected, exterior damage can lead to high utility bills and increased susceptibility to water damage.

Call a Storm Damage Restoration Company

Preparing for storm damage requires a proactive approach. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth has strategic emergency plans to ensure quick response times and safety. The company provides fire, smoke, and water damage repair services, mold remediation, storm damage control, and sewage clean-up.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 to schedule storm damage restoration and cleaning services.

Three Tips on Choosing the Best Provider for Water Damage Restoration

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth discusses why water damage restoration is necessary for residents and three ways to tell which of the many water and mold remediation companies are trustworthy. That includes ensuring they have a license and insurance, are always available, and can handle any restoration job.

Tips for Choosing the Best Provider for Water Damage Restoration

Rapid frontal-type storms and constant flash floods in West Fort Worth leave residents with little to no warning of the impending residential and commercial water damage. From watermarks on walls and rotting expensive wood furniture to the loss of essential papers and memorabilia, water damage affects every inch of a home or business owner’s property.

Emergency Water Restoration and Water Cleanup

Returning the property to a pre-damaged state is easy with a professional team that performs an emergency water restoration and water cleanup within 48 hours of initial damage. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth acts immediately with 24-hour emergency services that allow locals to reach a trusted technician any time of the day or night.

When browsing water restoration companies in Fort Worth, TX, residents should choose one that not only picks up on the first call but schedules them for immediate damage relief rather than placing them on hold for days. That’s because water damage worsens with time, leading to foul smells alongside mold and mildew growth on an individual’s house structure and precious items.

Mold Removal and Water Damage Restoration of All Kinds

Providing 24/7 assistance is not enough if a water damage restoration company doesn’t deliver a full spectrum of services to assist a wider range of concerns. While most water damage restoration companies aid with flood water and mold removal, a well-rounded provider has experience with:

  •       Sewer backups: Backups force wastewater up the main drain line, containing waste and other toxic material that overflows, requiring a professional to clear the line, dry the area, and install a backflow valve.
  •       Groundwater: A cracked foundation allows moisture from the soil around the structure into the basement. A professional may install a sump pump or weeping tiles, but larger projects require a structural assessment.
  •       Rooftop leaks: Lashing snow and rain heavily affect rooftops. A technician removes mold and mildew from the roof frame and replaces broken or rotten shingles.
  •       Appliance leaks: From laundry and dishwashers to ACs and furnaces, appliance leaks cause flooding. This clean water is minor level-one damage but requires immediate repairs.

Licensed and Insured Water Restoration Companies

Residents should ensure they’re not hiring an inexperienced contractor by asking for licenses and certifications. These show professionalism and expertise that won’t leave residents with shoddy work that the company refuses to remedy. Insured contractors also protect residents from lawsuits in case of an accident on their property.

Licenses mean ongoing training, proving that the qualified technicians are constantly enhancing their knowledge on new repair techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

SERVPRO, a Five-Star Locally Owned Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service

Water and fire restoration companies are essential to a healthy community. At SERVPRO of West Fort Worth, Texas’ quality residential and commercial cleaning service, the certified and experienced technicians specialize in water, fire, biohazard, and mold cleanup. They handle disasters of all sizes and provide five-star services to Fort Worth, Lakeside, and surrounding areas.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817)-560-3086 for water damage restoration that makes it look "Like it never even happened."

Three Steps to Handle Tornado Flood Damage Restoration

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort Worth elaborates on the three most vital tips for tornado flood damage restoration to keep Texas residents safe and help them salvage their belongings. These tips include observing damages, determining a budget and necessary expenses, and contacting the appropriate residential and commercial cleaning service.

Steps to Handle Tornado Flood Damage Restoration

The Texas Tornado Index ranks Fort Worth in the top 15 counties to experience a tornado with a high 391.14 index score. When this community gets hit, residents, especially new homeowners, wonder about their next step. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth explains what residents and business owners should do immediately after a storm to begin tornado flood damage restoration.

Consider the Level of Water Damage Restoration, Mold Removal, and Other Repairs Necessary

While remaining informed on local weather advisories that tell residents when they may leave their homes, each individual should walk around their house, assessing the post-storm damage. A fire extinguisher comes in handy if dangerous wires cross, igniting smoke or fire.

Also, record any forms of damage for the insurance company. Homeowner and automobile insurance cover damages and leaks from fallen debris and high winds. However, residents should check their coverage for floods and water damage since not all insurance programs cover these.

Despite whether a given insurance provider covers water damage restoration, contact a residential or commercial cleaning service for immediate water cleanup and mold removal.

Determine a Budget Before Calling a Residential or Commercial Cleaning Service

Next, residents need to prioritize what needs remedying for the safety of their families and belongings. Living in an area where tornadoes are likely means residents must set aside some extra cash before storms for repairs that may become necessary.

For instance, if a rooftop has shingles falling off from multiple years of storm resistance, the homeowner should determine the costs of a roof repair or replacement and start to save for it since it may not withstand another tornado hit.

Post-storm, residents should create a priority list for flood damage restoration. First on the list are repairs that worsen over time or threaten a resident’s livelihood. Prolonging water cleanup leads to mold and mildew growth and a rotting foundation, taking precedence over new fixtures or renovations a resident originally wanted, especially if they remain intact after the storm.

Research Water Restoration Companies and Fire Restoration Companies

Whether a resident is searching for water restoration companies for leaks and flooding, mold remediation companies for fungal growth, or fire restoration companies for smoke and burns, they should get to know their potential company beforehand. That means:

  •         Looking at reviews
  •         Checking the company’s online ratings
  •         Asking for references to understand the company’s  experience level

Also, look for certified, licensed, and insured contractors that guarantee top-notch craftsmanship and services. Insured companies also have coverage for slips and falls on the job, preventing lawsuits and protecting homeowners. After hiring for a tornado flood damage restoration, the company should provide a detailed list of necessary repairs, pricing transparency, and quality materials.

SERVPRO is Fort Worth’s Trusted Water, Fire, and Mold Remediation Company

From residential and commercial water damage to mold and fire cleaning, SERVPRO offers 24/7 on-call assistance to any nearby counties. No matter how big or small the restoration job is, the highly trained technicians use advanced technology and the newest equipment on the market for tornado flood damage restoration.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at 817-560-3086 for emergency water restoration in Fort Worth, Benbrook, TX, and surrounding areas today!

Firework Safety and Keeping Pets Safe

7/17/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of West Fort WorthSERVPRO’s fire damage prevention team explains several fire safety tips, how to keep pets safe around fireworks, and outlines available restoration and safety services.

Firework Safety Tips To Keep Pets Safe

Once summer kicks off, many enjoy beautiful fireworks displays. However, fireworks injure around 11,500 people in the United States each year and may wreak havoc on pets.

With this in mind, fire and water damage may occur this summer. When they do, contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 for high-quality fire and water damage restoration and commercial cleaning services.

Overview of Fire Safety

Fire safety is of the utmost importance all summer long. Unfortunately, accidents happen. When fireworks season begins, so does the need for fire damage restoration.

If a firework or fire damages a residence, the SERVPRO team offers comprehensive cleanup services to restore it to its original condition.

Keep Pets Safe

Many people love fireworks. However, pets aren’t thrilled by them. They fear loud noises and bright lights associated with fireworks. Some pets tremble and shake, have no bladder control, or run away during fireworks.

In addition to the anxiety fireworks cause pets, they’re also a fire hazard. Fireworks may land on a residence and cause damage, or a pet may run into fire hazards like matches and fireworks. So remember to exercise fire damage prevention for extra precaution, regardless of what can go wrong.

How to Protect Pets:

  •       Ensure the pet has a microchip
  •       Keep pets inside except for using the bathroom
  •       Create a safe area
  •       Use blinds and curtains to block out light
  •       Use medication if prescribed by a veterinarian
  •       Play music or the TV as a distraction
  •       Don’t light fireworks with pets outside (they may try to eat firework remnants or catch fire if close)

Summer Restoration Services

Texas summers bring a variety of conditions that pose a threat to residences and commercial buildings. Keep reading for the three different services offered by SERVPRO.

Fire Damage Restoration

SERVPRO is top-rated among fire restoration companies that offer quick, reliable servicing. The restoration technicians ensure soot cleanup, damage assessment, immediate board-up or tarping  (if necessary), repair, and restoration in an efficient manner.

Water Damage Restoration

While fire damage restoration companies are essential, so are water restoration companies. For residents of Azle, TX, emergency water restoration is necessary when floods happen.

SERVPRO handles both residential and commercial water damage. Unfortunately, once water is in residence, mold can grow in as little as 48 hours and create even more significant issues this summer.

Mold Remediation

If water floods a residence, then the mold is likely there too. Mold remediation involves getting to the source of the mold and completing mold removal to bring the building’s mold levels back to normal. Removing 100% of mold is not possible, but by understanding the science of mold growth, SERVPRO stands out among mold remediation companies to keep homes clean and safe.

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth offers fire, water, and mold damage restoration. The team of professionals is here to complete any summer restoration project and has been providing local service since 1967.

The goal for SERVPRO is to make the cleanup process like the flooding never even happened. So whether it’s fire, mold, or water cleanup, this team ensures quality work.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth today at (817) 560-3086 for reliable and valuable fire damage prevention tips and services!

Grilling and Campfire Safety Tips

6/16/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Grill fires are responsible for most outdoor fires resulting in millions of dollars in damage each year. These fires are highly preventable with proper planning and preparation.

Who doesn’t look forward to summer vacation, family road trips, and outdoor gatherings? These events usually involve fun-filled days in the sun and fresh food off the grill. Unfortunately, when grill operators fail to prepare, accidents happen, damaging property and injuring attendees.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth for information on fire damage prevention and restoration, residential water cleanup, or commercial water damage restoration.

Fire Facts from a Fire Damage Restoration Company

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), more than 10,000 home and outdoor fires occur yearly. Those fires cause more than $14 million in damages requiring the need for professional fire restoration companies. Grilling-related fires account for more than 54% of those yearly fires.

Grilling fires commonly occur due to:

  •       Improper cleaning of grilling equipment
  •       Placing the grill too close to homes and structures
  •       Failing to check for leaks or breaks in the fuel lines
  •       Leaving the grill unattended

Of those grilling-related fires, unchecked, cracked, and broken gas lines are responsible for 10% of gas grill structural fires and 22% of outdoor gas grill fires.

Nearly 20,000 people seek treatment in emergency rooms each year for grill fire-related burn injuries. Almost 2,000 of those emergency room visits involved children under five.

Fire Damage Prevention Tips

Of all fires, grilling fires are one of the easiest to avoid with proper fire prevention steps. For a safe and enjoyable grilling experience, follow these simple tips:

  •       Clean and inspect grills regularly for breaks, cracks, or leaks.
  •       Only use the grill outside in a well-ventilated area, away from homes and structures.
  •       Wear proper clothing.
  •       Keep spray bottles and fire extinguishers close by in case of emergencies.
  •       Keep children and pets three feet away from grills at all times. 
  •       If using charcoal, keep charcoal fluid out of reach from children.
  •       Minimize distractions, including drinking alcohol while grilling.
  •       Do not leave the grill unattended.
  •       Dispose off ashes in a metal container and allow ashes to cool for at least 48 hours before handling.

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth, TX is a family-owned and -operated damage restoration company serving residential and commercial properties in West Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. The company’s services include:

  •       Fire damage restoration
  •       Mold removal
  •       Residential and commercial cleaning services
  •       Storm cleanup and restoration
  •       Water damage restoration

SERVPRO offers a free evaluation of your damages and is available 24 hours a day to handle emergency restoration needs, including emergency water restoration. The courteous and professional staff is certified and trained to manage all your restoration needs, regardless of size. The technicians use only the best equipment in the industry.

Many companies offer restoration services following a disaster or major storm. Don’t waste time filling your contact list with separate names of restoration companies, such as water restoration companies, mold remediation companies, and fire restoration companies. SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is your one-stop shop for all damage restoration issues.

Contact Team Shaw of SERVPRO of West Fort Worth at (817) 560-3086 for quick and efficient fire damage restoration at affordable rates. Let the experienced team help you with fire damage prevention or restore your property to pre-damage conditions.